Sunday, September 11, 2011

Televsion Revelation - OTA HDTV

When we were planning our move to North Carolina, Louise, my wife, and I made the conscious decision to NOT get cable TV. This was mainly due to two items 1) first - we have a tendency to watch quite a bit of television when we have it and 2) a high cable bill (even if you take out the Internet access and digital phone from the bundle) due to movie packages.

We have been getting our TV shows via the internet but recently we purchased two small HD TVs for my wife’s new system to use as monitors. This use of these TVs has not worked out well – thus one of them was moved to the older computer in our bedroom so my wife could still have two monitors on her new system. This led me to have a sudden insight – digital TV was supposed to be available over the AIR (OTA) thus overcoming the cable bill! So I did some research and found out through this site:


That I should be able to get most broadcast stations that I would want with a passive antenna.

So $16 or so dollars later – were are now using a Phillips SDV2210/27 passive antenna to pull in HDTV and we get the main broadcast channels from Charlotte in nice crystal clear HD. YEAH! Here is picture of the Antenna box:

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