Sunday, March 20, 2011

Huge Pen Drive for a Very Small Price

I woke up this morning to an email from my neice Patti, who was asking about a Pen drive brand and if it was good or not. The second item I noted was that she was getting an absolutely fantastic price on this device via ebay which brings up its own question that I will address in a moment - on to the Brand question.

The brand of a pen drive is an interesting question and probably varies greatly by who you ask. Many probably just say get the cheapest - but this is not always an appropriate answer. Personally prefer different brands depending on the situation - so here is my break down:
  • High Security needs (think FIPS 140-2): Definitely IronKey - a bit pricey but there is no better drive IMHO when it comes to a secured drive. Built in encryption and a kill feature if someone messes with it physically or failed the password 10 times. See more at
  • Regular use - Typically I prefer Kingston or SAN DISK for regular needs but may also venture into the PNY brand evey once in a while. Currently my main pen drive is a 32GB Kingston Data Traveller.

So my second question is - where do you buy Tech like this from? I have never really considered ebay as a source for electronics but this in this particular case I might - since the price is 10.8% of what it would cost at newegg for the same drive! What an interesting dilemma.
So I suggested to my niece that she do a little investigation on the seller and if she did order to get a second on and I would reimburse her. Hey a deal is a deal and considering that Louise (my wife) and I just had a bad data event with one of our laptops - this might be a great backup solution for the next system.

So what are your thoughts?

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