Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Assembly Session

I have begun assembling my new system and I took quite a few pictures both before  and during this sessoion so this entry will be mostly a pictoral of my first session, in which I installed the Power Supply, card reader, optical drives and the hard drive. So here goes the picture show.

All of the parts before assembly.

The Box for the case was nearly 30 inches tall!!!

The Drives, card reader, RAM OS and Graphics Card!

Motherboad, CPU, CPU Cooler and Power Supply.

The Case being unboxed!

The Unboxed Case - Its big for a "mid-tower".
Top views (with and without cover).

Case Interior

Power Supply Components - the bag on the left for cables. The PSU is in the felt bag. Parts bag and Ac Cable - Fancy packaging.

Front views of what has been assembled so far.

Finally the PSU in its mounted position. The case has a 3 way securing system for the PSU - the screws, velcro strap and a mounting bracket!.

Overall I am pleased so far. Tomorrow begins the motherboard installation.

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