Sunday, January 24, 2010

Favorite Accessories

Where would we be in this world without our accessories? Accessories – those lovely little gadgets that help us out when we need our primary gadgets to do just a little more - aren't they great?!

Right now I have two favorite accessories – a Targus 4-Port Powered USB hub, and a Power Monkey Explorer – an emergency power supply for a myriad of devices.

The workhorse of these is the Targus 4-port powered hub.

This device allows any two USB ports on a device to magically become 4 ports. I can use this 4-port hub to run high-power USB devices by simple plugging in both the black (data and some power) and Red (additional power) USB connectors. I have regularly used this device to recharge my Blackberry, run my pen drive, sync my Livescribe Pulse Smartpen, and run and external mouse.

The power monkey explorer by powertraveller is an auxiliary battery device that can be used to charge cell phones, mp3 players, portable game, and host of other devices. This device provides anywhere from 5-96 hours of additional time depending on your device and usage patterns (5 hours on game consoles PSP and 96 hours of standby time on your mobile phone). I have been able to refill a Blackberry Bold 2 times with one charge of the power monkey explorer. Best of all – if you are out of power and don’t have access to another power source the solar panel can be used to recharge the powermonkey explorer itself.

The powermonkey-explorer kit comes with:

• the powermonkey portable charger,

• the Solar Charger,

  • a mains charger with international heads (UK, US, Europe and Australia)

• a USB charger and a whole bunch of charging tips for other devices,

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